Indoni ASTAR Art Programme:
During Lockdown

Indoni trainees have continued their weekly art classes via Whatsapp with Amy Simons. Classes are delivered using voice note guidance and instruction, along with individual support.

Every weekend the students share their artworks and written reflections from the week. They have had over 13 sessions during the lockdown period and have covered a wide variety of themes.

Above Image: Artist student’s name

For the first few weeks, students were creating art with whatever materials they could find at home, requiring them to be extra creative!

However, The ASTAR Project has now managed to get a box of art materials and paper to each student participating in the programme.

“This art process opened up my heart. I even found myself crying the time I was writing down the things I want to let go of. After that I felt so light and alive again. This art process helped a lot and took all my fears and worries, and shifted every bad thought into beauty.” – Thandiwe John

Image Title: Artist student’s name

The students are making use of the weekly art workshops to process their emotional inner landscapes, to connect authentically with themselves and their lives, as well as to connect deeply with each other.

Above Image: Artist student’s name

Above Image: Artist student’s name

“For me, it’s a way of communicating beyond words, a method whereby I can share some complicated feelings or thoughts or ideas in a way that transcends spoken or written language. It is a wonderful journey” – Linah Mxhamli

“For me, making art at home has become very therapeutic….I just sit practically the whole day in my room, I take all my feelings and all my focus to it (the art process). It’s very therapeutic and helpful as well because I get to be creative. No one knows anything that is happening, but with me having to do this artwork, I feel like I am speaking out, even though I don’t know how to. I just let my mind and heart and emotions and everything play out in my artwork” – Chwayita Ntoto

Above Image: Artist student’s name

I want to let go of the past. I want to let go of ignoring my feelings. I want to let go of thinking about others and forgetting about myself” – Mthetheleli Dlakavu