Indoni had to suddenly close its doors to our 40 trainees, to protect us all against Covid19. Some of our exciting projects have had to be postponed.

Read how Indoni is coping with this pandemic, by:

  • Introducing dance, music and art projects online
  • Continuing wellbeing support via WhatsApp
  • Supplying daily dance & yoga exercises via WhatsApp

Urgent Support Needed

More than anything, our trainees desperately need money for daily food, and daily data. We are continuing their education via mobile phone, and for this purpose, it is essential they have data.

Activities During Covid19 Lockdown

After the first week of lockdown, we started to work out how we could continue with online projects for our students.

Lack of personal computers/laptops/iPads means we have to rely on our trainees having Smartphones and data. Initially, the Wellness Facilitators managed to give/collect donations for data.

However, this will be an on-going need, until we are able to return to the studio. If anyone has old computers/laptops/iPads/or cell phones that you are not using, please let us know. We will find a way to collect them and pass them on to trainees.

 Here are some of the projects we are working on:

  1. Collaborative video – made by the trainees individually in their homes, filmed on their cell phones, expressing how it feels for a dancer to be confined in a small space for an extended time. These video clips will be combined by a Film Director and Editor to be shared on social media platforms.
  2. Wellness facilitation and mentoring written/video assignments, managed for each group by their facilitators
  3. Online Visual Arts – assignments led by TAP art teacher Amy Simons – twice per week
  4. Repertoire – Assignment for First Year Trainees: to learn a specific dance from a video Sbo has prepared and sent to them
  5. Music senior trainees are tasked with creating new drumming rhythms which will be combined into a new Rhythm piece when they return.
  6. Daily Dance/Yoga – exercises examples sent to trainees via WhatsApp

Things to look forward to:
We don’t know when we are going to be able to re-open face-to-face classes, but when we do we can look forward to:

  • Accredited DanceCor Teacher Training – starting with Paula Kelly
  • Outreach Programmes – resuming workshops and classes
  • Performances – in parks and schools
  • Artscape Humanities Festival – collaborating with other artists as previously

and hopefully, many more events that have currently been put on hold.

Projects Postponed Due to Covid19

Brouhaha Festival

Brouhaha International is based in the UK and delivers an annual programme of events and community celebrations, with its flagship being an international street festival.

The Artscape Theatre, in partnership with Brouhaha International, recruited EMERGING artists to participate. Our lead dancer and graduate, Mthetheleli Dlakavu, was selected for this exciting opportunity.

Mthetheleli was the only male chosen for this trip out of many male dancers from different provinces, who participated in the auditions. He’ll be going there to take part in dance workshops and he will be teaching and choreographing a short piece using our unique Contemporary African Technique. No doubt he will come back to share his experience with the rest of the students.

Originally scheduled from May to July, we are waiting to hear whether it will go ahead as planned or be postponed due to the Pandemic.

Pollsmoor Prison Performance

Indoni was due to perform at Pollsmoor Prison on 24 March.

This performance would be to introduce the company to the inmates, prison officials, and selected guests, including government agencies and members of the media, with a view to starting dance classes for the inmates.

This project was postponed due to Covid-19.

Food Forward SA

Indoni applied to, and was recently accepted into, the Food Forward SA feeding programme.

We received our first delivery of food in February 2020, which we distributed amongst the trainees.

Due to the lockdown, this service had to be suspended until the lockdown is lifted.