Indoni Dancing Through Lockdown

Making the Video

COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdown affected everybody, forcing us into isolation within our own homes. For many, this was an inconvenience.

But for the millions in South Africa living in townships – in shacks and makeshift homes with no space or room to move – isolation was far more than just an inconvenience.

It was a severe limitation on personal space and the freedom to exercise, move or even dance.

Indoni Dance Company created a video to encapsulate what it is to be a dancer confined in such small quarters. It also captures their resilience and shows how these individuals made the most of their circumstances.

With funding from the Department of Sports, Arts & Culture, and the Western Cape Government, a professional film crew travelled from home to home to film this unique and dynamic performance.

Creating the Choreography

Under the artistic direction of our award-winning choreographer, Sbonakaliso Ndaba, our dancers improvised, choreographed and performed inside/outside their own homes in Khayelitsha, Langa and Philippi.

Individual vignettes of dance were designed to create a sense of togetherness, unifying them within their isolation.

The finale of coming back together, wearing masks, was filmed on the Artscape Theatre stage, Cape Town, South Africa.

The music selected for this performance is a song called Desert Nomad by Reinhardt Buhr from his album Movement 2 (2019).

With thanks to the communities of Khayelitsha, Langa and Philippi, and Siki’s cafe in Khayelitsha.

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