Indoni’s New Yoga teachers:

Many of our students who completed the Yoga Teacher Training in January 2020 are now working under the auspices of Health Warriors, and are teaching online.

Only 11 days prior to lockdown in South Africa, Indoni held a fundraiser event called Yoga Yethu, to raise support for our Yoga teaching graduates who had been selected to further their training on a three-month internship in India. (now postponed due to Covid19)

Our newly qualified yoga-dance teachers co-led this open public workshop, followed by a performance. The event was pivotal in deepening the learning for the yoga teachers.

This was followed up with coaching from our facilitators, led by Development Director, Balu Nivison and her son, Benjy Nivison. They focused on the various sections that the new teachers had led in Yoga Yethu, an event which became a springboard to them having the confidence to teach online.

They are also developing their web skills, learning how to market themselves, create work and manage the online platform.

Trainees described their yoga training as life-changing. It came at an important time when online yoga classes have replaced studio classes during the Covid19 pandemic.

They are teaching online yoga, dance and dance yoga combo classes and the Indoni Dance Academy is super proud of them.