All choreography by

Sbonakaliso Ndaba

"Abakhulu" (The Great Ones)

May 2018

A moving essay examining how youth interpret the ancient wisdom of RESPECT, during initiation to adulthood. Indoni dancers hold up a mirror to life.

Filmed by Dex Goodman • Edited by Helen Allen

Norval Gallery Opening

24th April 2018
Opening of the Norval Foundation Gallery with a garden party with performances by Indoni and others. Norval is an art museum combining the art experience with an appreciation of nature.

Norval Gallery Opening – Part 2: Drumming

24th April 2018

Indoni - Waterfront

Cape Town

International student group visit

An international touring group of students visited Indoni at their rehearsal studio.

Indoni – "iKhaya"

September 2017
Portrays the grappling with home as a sanctuary and a place of safety – and how the loss of a mother shifts the physical and emotional landscape of home.

Indoni – "Inkululeko"

29th March 2016
Behind the scents at Parliament: Twenty minute performance in the Company Gardens, Cape Town.
Session 1 of ITC – Public Art Festival

"Crucify" – Baxter Dance Festival 2015

16th & 17th October 2015
Indoni performed on the main stage for the Baxter Dance Festival

Filmed & Edited by Peter Basford

Indoni - Inkululeko (Freedom) 2015 Artscape

Powerful performance with 11 dancers, performing Inkululeko (Freedom) as part of Azishe festival.

Filmed by Balu Nivison. Edited by Helen Allen

Indoni - The Beginning 2014

27th November 2014
Indoni began with only six students.  Their inauguration performance was showcased at ‘Balu Legacy ‘clothing boutique in Claremont, Cape Town.

Filmed & Edited by Helen Allen & Neil Frye

New video coming soon

New video coming soon