All choreography by

Sbonakaliso Ndaba

Dancers in Lockdown–Indoni Dance Academy

Indoni Dance Academy had to suddenly close its doors to our 40 trainees, to protect us all against Covid19. Among other homework tasks, trainees are given dance assignments.

Filmed by the dance trainees • Edited by Peri van Papendorp

"Abakhulu" (The Great Ones)

May 2018

A moving essay examining how youth interpret the ancient wisdom of RESPECT, during initiation to adulthood. Indoni dancers hold up a mirror to life.

Filmed by Dex Goodman • Edited by Helen Allen

Indoni at 30th Shanghai Tourism Festival

Sept 2019
South Africa’s first-time participation in the Shanghai Tourism Festival proved a rousing success as performers got crowds on their feet, singing and dancing.

The Mzansi One Tree Development Project, the Indoni Dance Arts and Leadership Academy and singer Vicky Sampson were among the performers at the festival, which came to an end on Wednesday, after six days.

19 Indoni dancers and 9 Hybridt dancers will join well-known singer Vicky Sampson to participate in the 30th Shanghai Tourism Festival. Organised by the Mzansi One Tree Development Group.

Filmed by Jenny van Papendorp

Norval Gallery Opening

24th April 2018
Opening of the Norval Foundation Gallery with a garden party with performances by Indoni and others. Norval is an art museum combining the art experience with an appreciation of nature.

Norval Gallery Opening – Part 2: Drumming

24th April 2018

Indoni - Waterfront

Cape Town

International student group visit

An international touring group of students visited Indoni at their rehearsal studio.

Indoni – "iKhaya"

September 2017
Portrays the grappling with home as a sanctuary and a place of safety – and how the loss of a mother shifts the physical and emotional landscape of home.

Indoni – "Inkululeko"

29th March 2016
Behind the scents at Parliament: Twenty minute performance in the Company Gardens, Cape Town.
Session 1 of ITC – Public Art Festival

"Crucify" – Baxter Dance Festival 2015

16th & 17th October 2015
Indoni performed on the main stage for the Baxter Dance Festival

Filmed & Edited by Peter Basford

Indoni - Inkululeko (Freedom) 2015 Artscape

Powerful performance with 11 dancers, performing Inkululeko (Freedom) as part of Azishe festival.

Filmed by Balu Nivison. Edited by Helen Allen

Indoni - The Beginning 2014

27th November 2014
Indoni began with only six students.  Their inauguration performance was showcased at ‘Balu Legacy ‘clothing boutique in Claremont, Cape Town.

Filmed & Edited by Helen Allen & Neil Frye