As part of the Artscape Women’s Humanity Arts Festival, Indoni’s new documentary “Locked Doors, Behind Doors” will be launched on Monday 16 August on the Artscape Website.


The documentary gives some insight into the creative processes of award winning choreographer Sbonakaliso Ndaba and her dancers in developing this new production. 

Contemplating the stark reality of their recent lives during the many months of the Covid 19 pandemic, when home no longer equalled a place of safety and comfort but induced feelings of powerlessness, frustration and despair, Ndaba and the Indoni dancers researched previous generations of migrant labourers and slaves, all who lived and worked under conditions even more appalling and restricted, to develop relevant choreography for their major new production of “Locked Doors, Behind Doors”.

The documentary can be viewed free of charge on Artscape’s website from 16 to 31 August at