Lockdown Specialised Dance Classes:

Since the beginning of June, Indoni’s Artistic Director, Sbonakalisa Ndaba, has been teaching One-on-One specialised dance classes.

This individual training allows the trainees to fine-tune their dance technique as required. They learn the meaning of dance discipline and how to develop their own dance style that is unique to their body.

They touch on exercises that will make a body gain suppleness; when/how to utilise the weight of the body; how to maintain the stamina while dancing; and ways of approaching movements, using softness or hardness.

Above: Lusindiso Dibela

One-to-One class benefits include:

  • Bringing more understanding and confidence into their bodies while dancing
  • Improving their weak placing
  • The importance of breathing while dancing
  • Breathing becoming the start of your movements and the body follows that particular journey from within.
  • How one manages to dances without music that is supposed to be driving you

Above and in featured photo: Mthetheleli Dlakavu

Above: Lusindiso Dibela

Dance Video

Since the beginning of July, trainees have been taught choreography that they will use for their upcoming dance video. 

Students are individually taught choreography to tell their own stories and these solos will be filmed and continue to be choreographed by Sbo at their own homes and surroundings.

Above video: Mthetheleli Dlakavu

Sbonakaliso is working with our trainees to adapt from the norm, and to find a creative way to move through this challenging pandemic.

Normal used to be dancing in a studio together, now they are all at home, isolated and needing to find ways to stay safe.

And yet, with great determination, commitment and resilience, our trainees are finding hope and are learning so many new skills from this experience.

Their new solo pieces will be linked through video to create one universal story told by different souls.

These photos and videos depict just some of the ideas being worked with. This project is an inspired idea that is continuing to evolve.

Above video: Nosiphiwo Moshilibane

Above: Masilakhe Lallie