Indoni’s Senior Dancers: 

Our first lesson on Teacher Instruction Training for the senior dancers of Indoni began on 5 May under lockdown conditions taught by Paula Kelly.

Some students have computers but many only have cell phones. We chose to communicate via email as there are important lessons to be learnt in writing essays and doing research via this form of correspondence.


Every week students are sent background notes, questions and links, to enable them to watch the relevant videos and do additional research on Google.

Lusindiso Sira

Sinazo Mxeli

Amanda Guma

Litha Makanda

Feature Photo: Thulani Mzukwa

Yolanda Ntanya

Lusindiso Sira dancing an extract of Revelations

We have begun with lessons on the History of Contemporary/ Modern dance. Our first four lessons have delved into the teachings and lives of some of the early pioneers including Isadora Duncan, the Denishawn School, Martha Graham, Lester Horton and the great Alvin Ailey.

The Indoni students have all embraced this new subject with enthusiasm. They have especially enjoyed trying new technical poses or replicating short snippets of iconic choreography.

Mthetheleli Dlakavu

Nosiphiwo Moshilibane