The Curriculum

  • Dance: Contemporary African Dance, Contemporary Ballet, Street dance, Improvisation and Choreography, body conditioning
  • Music: Indigenous music instrument making, drumming, singing, and Marimbas
  • Arts Administration: Community project development, proposal writing, budgeting and basic financial management, performance organisation and marketing
  • Production Management: Lighting, costuming, stage/performing site management
  • Theory: History, heritage and legacy studies, dance literacy, safe dance practice and health care
  • Foundation courses: Maths, literacy, computers
  • Personal Development and Wellness: MovingArt, story-telling and creative writing
  • Professional Development: attitudes, commitment, dress codes, punctuality

Wellness Program

The Wellness program grew out of a need to create an integrative program of learning, understanding emotional development and wellness for the Indoni students.

It was realized that Indoni needed a structured, consistent mental health wellness program as a vital support to the students as part of their training.
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First Year Programme

First Year Practical Dance training includes:

  • Daily dance classes including Body Conditioning and Fitness Training, Contemporary African dance, Contemporary Ballet, Improvisation and Choreography
  • Weekly music training including, singing, drumming and marimba classes and instrument making
  • Modules of integrated arts including Visual Arts and Drama
  • Public performances to develop Performance Skills will be organised under the auspices of the two resident companies, Indoni Dance Theatre and iKapa Dance Theatre.

Theoretical aspects will include modules of:

  • Dance and Music History and Theory
  • Dance and Music Literacy
  • Anatomy, safe use of the body and Health Care
  • Life skills such as discipline, commitment, consistency and teamwork and wellness, addressing Trainees’ personal and social needs
  • Arts administration; they will learn experientially when they help to organise festivals and performances
  • Practice teaching; Trainees will be expected to team teach with their mentors and to contribute to community dance and arts projects.
  • Professional Practices

The final first year assessment took place in December 2015 in the form of a community festival, that was organised and publicesed by the students themselves.