Forest Walks

Initiated by Victoria Spencer, Indoni’s patron and also a mentor, forest walks with the trainees have now been included in the Health Warriors programme and will also form part of Wellness Programme going forward.

Moving With Change

Just as the rest of the globe has had to learn to function in a new way, so has Indoni staff and trainees alike. Trainees who previously never owned a smartphone, now have them and are developing their online skills to continue their education as well as open up career possibilities..

Wellbeing Facilitation

Throughout the lockdown, led by Balu Nivison, our seven facilitators have continued to run the weekly Wellness Programme online for our Indoni trainees.

Our trainees benefit from a broad spectrum of wellbeing modalities including the ASTAR art programme with Amy Simons.

The intimate, weekly groups are emotionally supportive, focusing on how the trainees are feeling during the lockdown. They also serve as a general check-in.

Healing Modalities

The Wellness Programme currently focuses on the present moment and uses memory, meditation, visualisation and story writing as healing tools.

The trainees find it incredibly valuable, strengthening and therapeutic. Some of the first years have never before had an opportunity for self-expression in this way.

Holistic Development

The seniors are deepening their awareness, self-development and leadership skills.

An opportunity arose for thank you’s to be written after the Yoga Yethu event. The task was given to Nosiphiwo, who wrote an excellent speech and showed amazing discipline, commitment and responsibility.

Other senior trainees are stepping into more assistant leadership roles in PR, communication and music.