Transformation Through Art

The ASTAR Project which is designed as art for transformation, healing and community development, has been working in collaboration with Indoni over the last two years.

Space is provided for each student to authentically connect with themselves and each other in both the difficulties and the joys of being human. It is playful and non-judgmental.  

The process-driven methodology has lent itself to a deeply healing and transformative personal journey for each of us.

The suitcases hold, on the inside: our vulnerabilities, memories, relationships and stories that constitute our internal worlds. The outside of the suitcases reflects who we are on the outside and how we navigate our external worlds. 

Where have we stopped dancing

When we created our costumes and masks we focused on parts of our being that are more hidden, parts we wanted to shine a light on and bring to life with pride.  

Indoni’s recent art project  was showcased at the INVENTIONS exhibition in Cape Town on September 27th.

Photos by Andrea Bowman