A life-changing experience” is how Lusindiso Dibela described this opportunity. Both Lusindiso and Yolanda Ntanyana so impressed the organisers that their training has been extended to a three-month internship at the Sampoorna Yoga, teacher training school in Goa, India.

Yoga Intensive International Teacher Training

Indoni started the year with 13 of our Indoni seniors and graduates, completing a gruelling month-long course of 200 training hours. This culminated in a moving graduation ceremony on 29 January 2020.

Generous sponsorship was given for each of these students to do the training. Indoni had already begun to include yoga in their Wellness Programme. This remarkable gift was the brainchild of Meritxell Martorell, the founder/director of Yoga Sinfronteras, based in Barcelona.

Her idea was to train yoga teachers amongst conflict-ridden communities and leave lasting legacies, such as people on the ground to carry on the healing process.

Meritxell’s international contacts led her to Cape Town and the Indoni Academy where yoga had already been introduced into their Wellness Programme.

The partnership grew to incorporate Health Warriors, a non-profit organisation based in Khayelitsha that trains, and provides employment opportunities, in wellbeing professions such as yoga, to young leaders from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Health Warriors is providing ongoing links into employment opportunities and internships for the new graduates.  

The next step, the participants explained, will be to take their training into their own environments as a tool to: help conflicts; teach others to breathe, love; observe the nature of things; and relate to their feelings.  “A life changing experience” is how one trainee, Lusindiso Dibela, described this opportunity.

Yolanda Ntanyana (20) from Kraaifontein, in her third year of training at Indoni Dance, Arts and Leadership Academy, and Lusindiso Dibela (27) from Khayelitsha, a company dancer with Indoni, have been offered the opportunity of a lifetime.

Having completed the intensive training, their first reaction was one of relief. They had mastered the requirements of this intensive course and gained an internationally accredited Yoga Teacher Training Certificate.  The next step will be to take their training into their own environments, as a tool to healing conflict and trauma in their own communities, torn apart by violence.

Invitation to India

Both Lusindiso and Yolanda Ntanyana so impressed the organisers, that their training has been extended to a three month internship at the Sampoorna Yoga Teacher Training School in Goa, India. This internship was to happen from April to June, but had to be postponed until September (hopefully).

Lusindiso Dibela and Yolanda Ntanyana were overwhelmed to learn of their internship in India, where their food, accommodation and training will all be fully funded.

To raise funds for their flights, Indoni Academy held a fundraising event called Yoga Yethu, where our newly qualified yoga-dance teachers co-led an open public workshop, followed by a performance.

From this event, sponsorship for our new first year trainees was also raised. A Back a Buddy campaign led to a great deal of coverage in the press, and many interviews and on TV and radio that Lusindiso and Yolanda handled with a great deal of professionalism.

On January 30 in a moving graduation ceremony, this pilot project concluded with bestowing internationally accredited certificates to the graduates. There were many messages of gratitude from the students and teachers alike, all giving voice to the overwhelming success of this first programme and the assurance that it would be returning.